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  • Allow 15 minutes between clients/classes/bodywork to sanitize and clean

  • Everyone wash or sanitize hands before entry. Sanitizer will be provided by studio.

  • Clients and practitioners must do a self-screening of symptoms at home before they can come to work. If a practitioner or someone they have been in contact with has experienced any COVID symptoms, they will not be able to come into the building until they have been cleared and show they do not have COVID.

  • Clients and trainers must sign COVID19 Waiver form

  • One private session in studio for the first 2 weeks

  • Client and trainer 6’-10’ apart/no touch

  • Clients and trainers wear masks with no exhale valve

  • Do not touch face

  • Clients to bring their own towel. Studio will have towels, but very limited laundry service

  • No in-person group classes until further notice 

  • Virtual classes will continue as usual

  • Clients and trainers do not come into the studio if sick

  • 24 hour cancelation may apply if virtual sessions are available

  • Studio will provide hand sanitizer, sanitizing solution, paper towels, lathering soap, gloves and extra masks (only if available)

  • Straps

  1. Studio has 21 straps for clients to borrow. They can take them home or store at the studio.

  2. Studio will provide 2 in-home straps, but trainer must put in laundry basket after use

  3. Studio is providing straps for sale ($25), or clients can buy their own 

  • Studio will not provide towel or laundry service for the time being. 

  • If practitioners use studio sheets, they will need to bring home to launder for the time being.

  • 50 min Sessions to allow time for cleaning

Personal Hygiene

1. Covid Safety at PrecisionPoint Pilates


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