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Our Digital Courses

Bonnie has been busy during Covid creating digital programs for the busy body who is experiencing pain, and has no time to exercise. These programs are meant for you to do chronologically and on your own time. Click each image below to learn more!

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Neck & Shoulder Pain?

Relieve neck and shoulder pain in 5 days or less with easy-to-follow videos guiding you through stretches, rolling, and strengthening. Bonnie not only provides movement advice, but also teaches you about the anatomy of forward head posture, advice on how to structure your surroundings for the best posture, and links to the best ergonomic chairs and pillows.  ONLY $17!!


Click the image to learn more!


Back Pain?

Not sure why your back isn't feeling 100%? Do you need a safe and effective way to exercise? Are you lacking the time to go see a rehab specialist? This program is for you! Click the image to learn more!

Plantar Fasciitis?

Having trouble with your feet?  Too busy to drive to a PT or Rehab specialist? This course is perfect for you. Only $27 gets you so much! Click the image to learn more!

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