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"Through Bonnie's classes, I've learned how to be and move in my body in a whole new way. She brings to her teaching unique gifts: the technical understanding like a physical therapist with the aesthetic and inspiration of a dancer. It is a pleasure and privilege to learn from Bonnie!"

- D.H.

"I was fortunate to find Bonnie at a crucial time when my body had succumbed to stress and the natural changes of age, and I was pretty desperate for something or someone who could direct me back to the pathway to health.  What Bonnie brings to the table is more than strictly physical.  It's on another level entirely, combining an extensive knowledge of how the body works from a structural perspective with an intuitive ability to assess what set of exercises, stretches and bodywork will suit you best on that individual day.  No single workout is ever the same, and I leave the studio feeling better every time I see her.  I can point to the day that I met Bonnie as the time that I was able to reverse course, and move towards being "well" again.  All that, combined with her killer sense of humor, makes each session a delight.”


"I have taken Pilates classes at a number of studios and I can say unequivocally that this is the very best I’ve ever been to. Bonnie has recruited a team of the highest caliber instructors who not only know the tradition and practice of Pilates, but are skillful teachers and extraordinary in how they manage to direct their attention to each student. I learn something at each class and feel great too!”


"My Name is Carlos, I am 48 years old and started doing Pilates at PrecisionPoint Pilates (formally Ellie Herman Studio) August of 2010. In March 2010, I began to have a strong burning sensation in my lower back and into my legs and knees. After consulting with my doctor, it was determined that my pain was muscular, not a disc problem. So they prescribed me the same old drugs, and eventually the pain got worse. I could not sleep, so I doubled the medication--that did not work.

      So then came acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, and Physical Therapy. Although these modalities relieved some of the pain, I did not heal. The PT told me that I would never be 100%.  I was discouraged to say the least. I enjoy a great quality of life--I run my own business, play music, and ride motorcycles. So at that point, I felt my life was over, and I would spend the rest of my life in pain.

      So then I found PrecisionPoint Pilates, and after I told my story to the office manager, I scheduled my first appointment, and I met with senior trainer Bonnie Machuca. After a few questions about my work history, she diagnosed my problem and explained what was happening with my back.

      So then we started out very slow to not further injure myself, but I knew after that first session was over, I was in the right place, and that day my back felt better. I began working with Bonnie twice a week and she sent me home with exercises to practice. I began to practice Pilates on a daily basis, and after a year and a half, the pain subsided, my core strengthened, and I started to engage in some of the activities that I was unable to do, like play the congos. Now I am completely pain free, and I am in better health than I have been in a long time. They really fix you up! So much that I want to become a teacher so I can help others. To Bonnie and all the trainers, thank you for helping me get my life back! You are all Pilates angels!" 




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