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Our multi-apparatus classes combine Pilates Mat with Springboard and Reformer work. Generally classes will be split evenly with 20 minutes on each piece of equipment. Sometimes a teacher may choose to spend more time on one of the pieces of equipment to focus on a particular concept or flow. All Classes are 55 minutes, and are limited to 5 people. Drop in available.


A 55-minute invigorating reformer class following the traditional sequence as intended by Joseph Pilates. This class is for semi-seasoned individuals who have some experience, are conditioned and familiar with the fundamentals of the reformer. Students must have no current injuries or health restrictions. Some intermediate/advanced repertoire will be introduced.


This fun and high energy 55-minute class mixes standing repertoire on the springboard and jumpboard on the reformer. This perfect combination of cardio and focused Pilates will allow you to experience the best of both worlds. You are sure to feel invigorated and taller after class!


(Pre-natal classes will start when we have a group of 3 or more to join! Call if you or a friend would like to start: 510.594.8507)

This special class geared toward the Mom-to-Be is a mixed level group class. Come nurture your body, awaken your core strength and calm your mind as you learn to develop the innate strength and flexibility that you hold within.


Through this class you will gain the essential strength and postural support needed to alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy, as well as to support you in labor and carry you through the post-partum period.

Appropriate for those with no injuries who have been cleared to exercise. It is ideal to have some Pilates experience though not required. Please note, as in all classes at PrecisionPoint Pilates, an intake is required before beginning classes. Call the front desk to book today!

Single    $39  |  5 pack    $185  |  10 pack    $350


Come enjoy and experience Pilates by this next generation of Pilates Professionals! Taught by our Teachers in Training, this deeply discounted class provides an affordable way to stay fit and experience the Pilates Repertoire on different equipment. Class will generally be split on Mat, and Reformer evenly. Sometimes a teacher may choose to spend more time on one of the pieces of equipment.


These sessions are tailored for your individual needs.  You are sure to progress quickly on the mat and equipment with a personal instructor. Exercises can be personally modified if you are suffering from an injury or chronic pain (doctor’s clearance of course!) with a rehabilitation specialist. Rehabilitaiton sessions or Physical Therapy sessions recommended if you have a chronic or acute injury/pain and need specialized and focused word.


Please call the front desk to schedule with an appropriate instructor: 510-594-8507


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