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Welcome to Re:Balance by Bonnie

Find a stronger NEW you from the inside out

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In 90 days, I help busy, tired, and aging bodies develop strength from the inside out. I empower YOU to take care of your body to prolong its health without a huge time commitment.


Meet Your coach, Bonnie

So nice to meet you! I am honored you stopped by. I am the creator and founder of the Pilates RE:Balance program, where you gain strength from the inside out. I have been teaching Pilates for over 15 years and a proud owner of PrecisionPoint Pilates in Oakland, CA. I absolutely love helping the aging and tired body find a purpose in movement your goals, find confidence and feel GOOD!

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"Each and every one of your classes is a gift! Even my husband who isn't into exercise joins me some of the time and loves your classes:) Your warm presence, down to Earth humor, and perfectly designed classes have really been a life-saver during the pandemic, and even though I always thought you had the best classes ever, now they are at an even new level in my imaginary rating system, and my body and mind are thankful:)"

Hannah Acevedo

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