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Amber Alberty

Master Trainer

Amber has always been a mover! She started with tap, gymnastics and ballet at age five, and continued to dance through high school. As an undergraduate student Amber studied in France and Brazil, broadening her repertoire to include West African, Brazilian and Modern dance. Once in the Bay Area and drawing on her rich and eclectic training, Amber performed and taught Brazilian dance for several years.


Amber was introduced to Pilates in 1997 while working on a chronic dance injury. Several years later, In 2004, Amber became a certified Pilates teacher after completing the comprehensive 600 hour Teacher Training Program at Ellie Herman Studios. The following year she participated in Lizz Roman’s workshop on neuro-muscular rehabilitation based on the work of Vladimir Janda, MD.


After becoming certified Amber continues to look for opportunities to learn and has participated in numerous workshops, such as prenatal, postnatal, pelvic floor, gate analysis and with props (ball, roller, ring, theraband, etc…) and has studied with Eric Franklin, Lizz Roman, Sharon Gallagher, Amy Lange and Carol LaMaite. Amber’s most recent certification is in yoga and she brings all of these trainings, new and old, when she approaches teaching pilates.


Amber is a charismatic, energetic, and thorough teacher. In her Pilates group and private classes she draws on her eclectic and international background to create a challenging and exacting full-body workout. Her classes focus on taking students to new strength levels while paying particular attention to proper alignment and body mechanics.


Amber currently lives in Encinitas, California with her husband and her two sons.



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